Pokemon Aquamarine Version 2

Pokemon Aquamarine
  • Author: Aquamarine Vaporeon
  • Released: April 15, 2021
  • Base Rom: Fire Red
  • Language: English
  • Version: 2.0.2 (Completed)

Note From Author: It’s been nearly a year since the version 1.1.4 release! I took a long break from this hack and have been wanting to get back to fix up a few bugs here and there. Naturally, I got distracted and ended up adding a ton of new things. But I hope you guys will appreciate the changes. Many thanks to everyone who gave feedback on earlier versions of the hack, I appreciate your time and effort playing!


Pokémon Aquamarine is a FireRed ROM hack that takes place in Manta, an entirely new region based off the coast of South America. The player character mysteriously transforms into a Mew and embarks on a journey as a Pokémon trainer to discover how to revert to human form. Aquamarine has been in development since 2014, and Version 1.0.0 was released in October 2019. As of Beta version 2.0.2, the ROM hack is fully playable. If anyone finds any bugs, please let me know!


The game begins with the player character having a strange dream. Ilex, a ghostly figure, claims that the player has transformed into a Mew and must embark on a journey to reclaim their human body.

The plot of the game differs depending on whether the player plays as a boy or a girl. The player transforms into a regular Mew as a boy. The player transforms into a Shiny Mew while dressed as a girl.


  • New Region based off South America
  • New Subregions based off Hawaii, Galapagos, and Antarctica
  • Starter is Eevee
  • New Story with a diverging plot depending on gender
  • Added Pokémon from Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola
  • Added custom Fakemon, including a hummingbird line, a dolphin line, and a tortoise line
  • Customized Trainers
  • Increased overall trainer level
  • Added Fairy Type
  • Added Physical/Special Split
  • Added new moves
  • Updated moves to match current generation move effects
  • Updated Pokémon learnsets so they learn a more diverse set of moves
  • Added move animations to moves not present in vanilla FireRed
  • Decapitalized most in-game text
  • All 401 Pokémon in-game are obtainable
  • Trade Evolutions obtainable through Level-Up
  • All Eevee Evolutions obtainable through Evolutionary Stones
  • Added several items from new games, including Bottle Caps, Ability Capsules, and Choice Items
  • TMs have infinite uses
  • HMs can be forgotten
  • Natures are color coded, and EV/IVs can be viewed by an appraiser
  • Pokédex accurately shows Pokémon locations and stats
  • Pokémon gain Exp. even when catching wild Pokémon
  • Magma Armor and Flame Body help hatch eggs faster
  • Added several maps, including Underground maps and maps accessible through portals

Additional Features:

  • Going through portals gives you access to past or future versions of a map
  • Added static encounters for every legendary
  • Obtaining Stardust usually guarantees the next Pokémon to be shiny
  • You can buy Stardust at the game corner with 9999 casino coins
  • Added several custom items, including two Eevee-specific items and one item per legendary
  • Different endings depending on what choice you make at the Elite Four
  • Post-game playable without saving at Elite Four
  • Shiny Lugia has Shadow Lugia colors from XD Gale of Darkness
  • Shiny Dialga has Primal Dialga colors from Explorers of Time/Darkness
  • Shiny Kecleon has purple Kecleon’s colors from Mystery Dungeon series
  • Shiny Onix/Steelix have crystal Onix’s colors from the anime
  • Fossil revival brings back alternate versions of the fossil Pokémon
  • When reviving fossils, talking to the fossil revival guy a second time before picking up your revived fossil causes the fossil to be shiny
  • Added a special paradox event at Starfall City, inspired by Yume Nikki