Pokemon Aquamarine Version

Pokemon Aquamarine
  • Author: Vaporeon22
  • Version: v2.0.2 (Completed)
  • Base Rom: Fire Red
  • Language: English
  • Updated: April 15, 2021


Pokemon Aquamarine begins with the player having a strange dream in which the local Professor, Professor Palm, informs him/her that they have transformed into a Mew. The sudden change is attributed to a group of Scientists (Team Tactix) who were inspired by the Mewtwo event that occurred in the Kanto region 7 years ago. When the player awakens, he or she discovers that they have been transformed into a Mew. The player’s goal is then to figure out how to return to their human body.


  • New region based off South America
  • New sub-regions based off Hawaii, Galapagos, and Antarctica
  • Starter is Eevee
  • New story with a diverging plot depending on gender
  • Added Pokemon from Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and Alola
  • Added custom “Fakemon”
  • Customized Trainers
  • Increased overall trainer level
  • Added Fairy Type
  • Added Physical/Special split
  • Added new moves
  • Decapitalized a ton of stuff
  • Every Pokémon in-game is obtainable
  • Obtaining Stardust usually guarantees the next Pokémon to be shiny



Extra Info:

There are multiple variants of this game, the only difference being the title screens and the Pokemon your rival chooses:
Opal- Eevee
Aquamarine- Vaporeon
Topaz- Jolteon
Garnet- Flareon
Amethyst- Espeon
Onyx- Umbreon
Turquoise- Leafeon
Quartz- Glaceon
Zircon- Sylveon


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