Gentlemon Classy Red

  • Author: Joexv
  • Released: 2016
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Version: Beta 1

Gentlemon, the classy, elegant 3rd cousin(Twice removed) of Pokemon.
These mythical creatures are known around for how baffling classy they are, and to be quite frank, not much else.
Directed from a Google search gone terribly bonkers, Gentlemon: Classy Edition brings this class to FireRed in a fashionable entry into the ROM Hacking community.


  • The Classy Edition will house the first 151 Gentlemon while the Charming Edition will hold the remainder.
  • Trading will be kept inorder to bring Gentleman from all around together.
  • Or you may select the Charming Edition for a opportune chance to nab all 386 Gentlemon
  • The Classy Edition will be a quite classy Fire Red endeavour while The Charming Edition will be a brisk Emerald experiance. 
  • High-Class Pokemon sprites, both in battle and in the resting lounge
  • Updated maps and scripts to indubitably allow for a paraphernalia of class and swank
    Sir Dollsteak’s dapper patch
  • A terrifying American rival!
  • Classy new actions for your Gentlemon!
  • Every Gentlemon can learn Swagger
  • No Gentlemon can use any action that steals or uses anything that is not their own~This would be inelegant if they could!
  • The “Game Corner” or “Casino” has been shut down. Gentlemon do not gamble.
  • Gentlemon also may not make Nasty Plots against others!
  • Your typical sideshow patches, like bug fixes, physical/special split, Decap and all those dashing great features
  • Alas there aren’t many superior features in this jaunty of an adventure, therefore one must enjoy the pure angelic forms of the Gentlemon. Heavens above! How smashing!


Download Pre-Patched Gentlemon Classy Red GBA Rom

Questions Generally Asked By Blokes Whom Ask Questions:
Q: Bruh dis be awsom can i hlp?
A: Of course good chap! My limited knowledge of the vast world of spriting is always in search of help!

Q: Isn’t dis a little late for April’s Foolz
A: Well this here scheme is no joke, I assure you that!

Q: why u do dis
A: Well, it may be because I just wanted to put top hats on Pokemon, or this may have been because I wanted to talk like a proper gent on here for no reason!

Q: Oh my dear sir how doust thou become such a proper gent?
A: Well my jolly good friend, I was born proper!

Q: gosh ur tlkin is so sexy
A: Begone temptation for thine words speak proper English!

Q: Is this really a thang?
A: Ah, don’t fret, this is actually a “thang”. I will be working on it as I feel is deemed worthy.

Q: Why is SirMander’s mouth so weird?
A: Well that is actually his dashing mustachio, it just happens to look a tad like a mouth.