Pokemon AshGray/Ash Gray

Pokemon Ash Gray Gba
  • Author: metapod23
  • Updated: March 2, 2017
  • Base Rom: Fire Red
  • Version: Beta 4.5.3


You’re Ash Ketchum, and you’re about to embark on your first Pokémon adventure. Regrettably, you stayed up all night watching Pokémon battles and slept in! With all of your Pallet Town rivals (the most annoying being Gary) having taken all of the available starters, it looks like you’ll just have to go home… unless you want Pikachu instead.

You are about to embark on a 116-event adventure (plus two movie events) that will put you in Ash’s shoes, allowing you to catch the Pokémon he catches and make the decisions he makes. What will your journey as Ash Ketchum entail? There’s only one way to discover!


  • Follows the same events as in the Pokemon Anime series
  • Catch all of the Pokémon Ash does
  • Be rewarded for carrying Ash’s team
  • New Tiles, Sprites and Maps
  • New Tools to replace HMs-
    • Hatchet replaces Cut
    • Computer Teleport System replaces Fly
    • Raft replaces Surf
    • Pickaxe replaces Rock Smash
    • Climb Kit is used instead of Rock Climb
    • Whirlpuller is used to cross whirlpools


  • Bad Eggs appear in your Storage Boxes. DO NOT MOVE THEM!
  • Teachy TV is broken. DO NOT USE IT!
  • Can’t get on/off the bike in certain areas
  • Ashley’s backsprite/HP bar is sometimes discolored
  • Pallet Town berry system doesn’t work right
  • Slight hitch in Pallet Town Windmill



Credits: metapod23, colcolstyles, JPAN, TheDarkShark, Jambo51, doesntknowhowtoplay, Darthatron, KDS, diegoisawesome, HackMew