Pokemon Black 2 – 251 Edition

Pokemon Black 2 - 251 Edition
  • Author: Rafat9
  • Released: 2018
  • Hack of: Black 2
  • Version: Completed 2.1

Pokemon Black 2 – 251 Edition: The Pokemon you meet and battle are all from the first two generations of Pokemon, Kanto and Johto, or RBY and GSC. Why the first two generations? Because B2W2 has about 300 Pokemon, excluding overlap, Gen 4 evolutions, legendaries, and so on, it works out to about 270ish, which, depending on location and other factors, can easily be reduced to 251.


1. If a Pokemon evolves via trading only, they now evolves via level up
2. If a Pokemon evolves via trading with item, it now evolves via using said item like a Firestone
3. If a Pokemon evoles via item, it has a 50% of holding said item
4. If a Pokemon has a prevolution or evolution from the newer Gens, it has been removed.
Pokemon Locations
1. Most Gen 1 and Gen 2 Pokemon that were already in B2W2 are in the same areas as before.
2. You can get all Gen 2 starters before the 3rd gym.
3. Alot of Pokemon have pretty logical replacements. IE Emolga is the Electric Rodent of Gen 5, what do you think you will find if you try searching for an Emolga?
4. The Victory Road Forest has some interesting Pokemon to use and is a great place to grind
Gym leaders and the Elite Four may have vastly different Pokemon. For example, due to the lack of Ghost Pokemon, Shauntal is now a Poison/Ghost gym leader ala Agatha from Gen 1.

What hasn’t been changed
The story and the post game are the two main things not changed. The story wasn’t changed since that’s not really the point of this hack and the post game would be pointless as trying to use 251 Pokemon to replace 300 was hard. In addition, Battle Subway hasn’t been changed either and also fishing too.
Things to be added (Highest to Lowest priority)
Replacing Kyurem with Mewtwo
Replacing the Musketeers Trio with the Dogs Trio
Replacing the Genie Tri with the Birds Trio
Replace Volcarona encouter with Celebi
Replace Victini encounter with Mew
Replacing Reshiram/Zekrom with Ho-oh/Lugia
Edit ingame trades


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Black 2 – 251 Edition