Pokemon Clay’s Calamity Series (1,2 & 3)

  • Author: Frabulator

Clay’s Calamity 1

  • Version: v10
  • Updated: May 22, 2018

You play as Clay, an overly cocky and thorough Pokemon trainer, in this first-ever open-world expansion of Kanto. Clay is on a mission to contour and beat every gym leader like no one else has ever done before. He has a plan, and he intends to carry it out. How so? By being the very best. Why is this so? Because he is capable.

He begins his journey with a Magikarp and a Master Ball. All he needs to sweep Kanto of every trainer, gym leader, and organised crime syndicate. He knows he is the best, and no one can compete with him.

Now play Clay’s Calamity to see how he does it!


  • Open world Kanto
  • No Physical/Special split
  • Hidden passages throughout Kanto


Clay’s Calamity 2

  • Version: v5.1
  • Updated: May 22, 2018

This game takes place several years after Clay’s Calamity I, in which the main character, Clay, embarks on a quest to become champion through the open world of Kanto. Clay then goes into hiding and is never seen again after finishing the league. Clay’s incredible agreement of every trainer and gym leader shook Kanto so much that all of the gym leaders became stronger in an attempt to never let someone wreck their world again.

What exactly do you do? Clay must be found and defeated!


  • Open World- Travel anywhere you wish
  • Start with a Magikarp and Master Ball


Clay’s Calamity 3

  • Version: v3.9.3
  • Updated: July 11, 2018

Ten years have passed since an unnamed hero stormed Kanto and defeated the Indigo League’s strongest Pokemon Master, Clay. The battle lasted several days, destroying a city and reducing the number of Pokemon gyms. Kanto was kicked out of the Pokemon League Verified Regions because it lacked the required minimum of eight official gyms.

After a decade, Kanto has been re-entered into the League. Gym leaders have been re-evaluating their teams, and trainers have been improving their abilities. Try your hand at this new take on an old generation of Pokemon, Clay’s Calamity III, the conclusion of the open-world FireRed trilogy.



  • Open world Kanto
  • Updated trainers
  • Physical/Special split
  • All Pokemon obtainable
  • Hidden legendaries