Pokemon Crystal Dust

Pokemon Crystal Dust
  • Author: Sierraffinity
  • Updated: January 4, 2021
  • Base Rom: Emerald
  • Version: v3.0.0 Alpha 0.5


You’re thrust back into the shoes of either Gold or Kris, and you’re sent on your way across the Johto region. On your way to becoming a Pokemon master, you can nostalgically relive your past GBC memories and experiences in full-on GBA style. It’s almost as if Game Freak remade Crystal for the Game Boy Advance!


  • Emerald engine, FireRed style: the best of both worlds
  • Based on the pokeemerald decompilation project
  • Custom day/night system that smoothly changes the tint over the whole day
  • The Pokégear is back, and spiffier than ever before! Radio Card included!
  • High attention to detail in order to bring the best experience possible
  • Fully compatible linking with official games, including the GameCube games



Credits: Sierraffinity, huderlem, Jambo51, Shiro, Alpha Remaster, CyanSMP64 “Furret”, Jilly Shears, Kurausukun, MrAPT1, EesrekYT, KecleonTencho, PlatinumMaster, Clonex25, Farore, ShadowOne333, Tetra, Chaos Rush, Spherical Ice