Pokemon Dimensiones Altreradas

Pokemon Dimensiones Altreradas
  • Author: Darkfex
  • Updated: 2020
  • Base Rom: Fire Red
  • Version: Completed


Pokemon Dimensiones Altreradas, Fire red history has been changed and has a total of 200 alternative forms.


  • National Dex from the start
  • History entirely in Spanish
  • More than 200 Pokémon with altered shapes
  • Changing the set of blocks (changing graphics)
  • A new mapping for the Kanto region
  • Backpack in black and white
  • B&W-style PC case
  • Pokémon menu in HGSS style
  • Pokémon B&W Facts
  • Sun & Moon Style Icons
  • Fully altered TextBox, as well as the secondary (this can be seen when you read a poster)
  • Hp bar changed to Let´s Go style
  • Battle box changed (appears when you enter combat)
  • Fully altered battle funds, are appreciated against the rival, on routes and gym leaders
  • HGSS-style trainer sprites
  • B&W naming screen (when you choose the character’s name, rival and name your Pokémon
  • Fully changed coach card
  • Spread an X and Y style experience
  • Completely changed menu borders
  • Attacks on Spanish and their description
  • Objects translated into Spanish with their respective descriptionsTotally high difficulty
  • Dialogues have changed in academia and high command leadersDouble fights in high command-Run indoors
  • Any attack can be replaced (HM and MO)
  • The sprite is displayed when an object is found on the map
  • The initial fight between Gengar and Nidoran was removed


Pokemon Dimensiones Altreradas

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Dimensiones Altreradas GBA Rom: