Pokemon Ditto Edition

Pokemon Ditto Edition
  • Authors: Mantager, KNIGHTBRUH, Taquillastudios, Manovi
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Completed


Pokemon Ditto Edition – The strongest person you can become is yourself.


  • Transform using Metachangers! Ditto can transform into 40+ different Pokémon freely!​
  • Play the game in 2 languages: English and French!​
  • New characters! There are three Ditto in DITTO EDITION, who play a titular part to the story.​
  • A decent plot with many interactions!​
  • Sick beats! From Wii Sports to Mystery Dungeon, the game sounds good.​
  • Small features like inns and game overs make gameplay more difficult than your average game.​


Download Pokemon Ditto Edition RPGXP Fan Game: