Pokemon Neon Blue

Pokemon Neon Blue
  • Author: mcferaligatr
  • Released: December 2020
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Version: Complete V2.5x

In Pokemon Neon Blue, you start in a city called Eon Town, in a whole new region. Upon leaving your classroom, your brother tells you that the teacher is eagerly waiting for you to arrive at the lab, so you can get your first Pokémon.

On your way to becoming the best coach, you will face two team rocket grunts that will interfere with your plans, and you will have to stop them several times throughout history. There are also, in addition to the player’s brother, many rivals like May, Brendan (friendly rivals) and Denzel (the not-so-friendly rival).

Most of the tips that will help the player progress in the game are provided by prof. Cornel, (reading the text is important).

Hm’s are required for certain parts of the game, and their location is also explained by NPC’s, some signals, etc.


  • A new region with many new maps, events that differ from the original games.
  • Some custom palettes ,custom sprite, backsprite (male players only), new city map.
  • Some custom added ASM routines (releasing a pokemon – not using pc, IV is displayed in stat menu).
  • Many pokémons available, including all legendary Pokémon from gen1 to gen3 that can be obtained with various methods (some before elite 4, some with certain requirements, some randomly by chance, etc …)
  • New music tracks (mainly battle tracks)
  • A place after elite 4 where you can fight one of 19 NPCs (NPC choice is random, and each NPC there was found previously / the player interacted with NPC) – called CK Frontier (although it is the only feature from now on).
  • All 8 badges can be obtained and elite 4 and champion events are available.


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