Pokemon Parallax

Pokemon Parallax
  • Author: TheLuxDiablo
  • Updated: August 21st, 2020
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Completed

Welcome to Pokemon Parallax, a fangame made for the Relic Castle Game Jam #6!
This game takes place in the world of Pokèmon, where you get to play as Looker, A.K.A 100kr, a renowned and famous officer of Interpol!


The Kimlik Islands, also known as the “Land of a Thousand Identity and Ages,” are stranded in the middle of the ocean. The region’s league is flourishing, and tourism is thriving – but beneath the surface, a strange and fashionable troupe threatens to undo all of that progress.

Escapists are those who attend Team Masque’s famous masked balls, which are held for every occasion from the conductor in white’s birthday to the end of the world as we know it. Perhaps harmless, just wanting to relive a bygone era when the worthy told the rest to eat cake.

Those who have witnessed them take entire cruise ships hostage would disagree. They might call them hedonists, and the administrator with the fiery hair might agree. (Only ironically.)

And those who heard the leading lady with the golden microphone sing to her audience about how the world outside is a bit of a sham, how they’re all free as birds, about daring-do and divorce stories played to the grunt’s mocking laughter, might call them or her…a cynic.

Still, what’s the point of being escapism if everyone else is out to ruin your fun?

Until recently, no one knew how many members of Team Masque there were. They have no plan, or at least none that the leader is revealing…and no restraint.

Far, far away, new Interpol recruit Looker has only one mission: to stop crime. Looker feels like he’s finally in his element when he’s sent to the Kimlik Islands on an inside job with no leads and no idea what he’s in for. Nanu, his handler, believes he’s gone too far.

However, infiltrating the Masque should be simple. Put on the mask, a little nihilism, blend in, do a little eavesdropping here, a little espionage there. Then you can play the hero and hopefully escape with your life. Will Looker’s gamble pay off and save Kimlik Island, or has he gone too far?



This game was made using RPG Maker XP, and the Pokèmon Essentials v17.2. This game was developed by LuxDiablo, AnonAlpaca, Maks, and ToxicStall. A variety of resources are used in this game, all of which are linked and listed in the “credits.txt” file in the game’s download folder.

Notes: If you encounter a bug or would like to suggest an addition to the game, or if you would like to discuss the game and your progress, please join the public Discord server that we have set up for the game! Additionally, you’re welcome to follow my Twitter, as I post updates on the game’s progress there.


  • Heat Rush: Growlithe’s new signature move!

Type: Fire
Category: Physical
PP: 15
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100%
Heat Rush is pretty much a Fire-type Extreme Speed, but it also provides the ability to burn the target.

  • Mega Arcanine

Type: Fire/Dragon
Stats: 115 HP/130 Atk/92 Def/105 Speed/120 SpAtk/93 SpDef
Ability: Intimidate

  • Mega Mismagius

Type: Ghost/Fairy
Stats: 70 HP/80 Atk/80 Def/125 Speed/135 SpAtk/135 SpDef
Ability: Levitate

  • Mega Scrafty

Type: Dark/Fighting
Stats: 85 HP/115 Atk/135 Def/78 Speed/50 SpAtk/135 SpDef
Ability: Moxie

  • Uxie (Abstract Forme)

Type: Psychic/Dark
Stats: 85 HP/85 Atk/140 Def/105 Speed/85 SpAtk/140 SpDef
Ability: Evocation

  • Stealth Missions

You’ll have to sneak around a little as an Interpol officer to get what you want. We’re introducing Stealth Missions to account for this! They say that when two trainers’ eyes meet, they must fight, but what happens when two thieves’ eyes meet while sneaking around? Stay away from cops and criminals, and hide to the best of your ability to achieve your goal!


Download Pokemon Parallax RPGXP Fangame


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Pixel Artist



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Mr. Gela
Luka S.J.
Parabeetle X
Hooligan Sauce
Smogon XY Sprite Project
Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
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