Pokemon Sea Temple

  • Author: Lance Koijer
  • Updated: July 6, 2018
  • Base Rom: Fire Red
  • Language: English
  • Version: v1.0b


A world-record battle of the Legendaries occurred in the peaceful region of GINOA 5 years ago. To save the entire Pokemon World, a 10-year-old boy sealed himself and the disaster trio in an unknown dimension. There is no information on what happened to the child, but one thing is certain: he is now a Legend.

It’s finally time to catch your first Pokemon! Prof. Jimwell Beckett, a well-known Pokemon Researcher, is about to give you and your childhood pals Wilhelm and Hazel a Pokemon from the Kalos Region.

However, a newly formed team named “Solar Team,” the blazing trainers in a hood, is beginning to do evil deeds in the region. They intend to detach Pokemon from their powers, reverting all Pokemon to normal, because they believe trainers are abusing the power bestowed upon their Pokemon by the creator. When a Solar Eclipse occurs, the Sun God awakens, and controlling it is the only way to achieve their objectives. But that’s all I’ve got for now.

Aside from the Solar Team, an old gang has been resurrected, led by a man named CLINT. He was revealed to be the father of the ten-year-old boy. LUNAR TEAM is the name of the gang. Their goal is to collect the Ancient Orbs and use them to awaken the full power of Mnemon, the legendary Moon God. When it awakens, it will bring the Lunar Eclipse to the Pokemon World.

The Solar Eclipse will be visible months later. If the plans of the Solar Team and the Lunar Team are carried out, the chaos that occurred years ago will reoccur, but this time it will be more destructive. Are you strong enough to fight and defeat the opposing teams?


  • New story
  • New characters
  • New regions- West Ginoa, East Ginoa and the two others
  • Pokemon from Gen 1-7 + new Pokemon from GINOA REGION
  • Almost all newer gen moves
  • Newer gen abilities (Soul-Heart, Innards Out, Receiver, Normalize, etc.)
  • Mega Evolution
  • Z-moves (kind of)
  • Fairy type and Mana Type
  • New Evolution methods