Pokemon Team Magma Edition

Pokemon Team Magma Edition
  • Author: Dr. Joe
  • Updated: January 22, 2021
  • Base Rom: Emerald
  • Version: Completed (B0.5.1)


Pokemon Team Magma Edition is a new Emerald hack that allows you to play as a member of Team Magma.

You are an idealistic young trainer aspiring to join Team Magma in a region divided by three factions vying for dominance, each promoting a set of ideals they believe to be absolute. You hope that by doing so, you will contribute to the advancement of humanity. It turns out that hope for a better world is a funny thing because nearly everyone has it in some form or another, but people channel their hope in a variety of ways. People will fight for their dreams whether they are on land, in the water, in the sky, or somewhere else. In doing so, they frequently trample on the hopes and dreams of others in the name of achieving their goal of a ‘utopia.’ This is the world you’ve been thrown into. When you join Team Magma, you become a part of the Hoenn underworld, where you quickly realise that there are only the weak and the strong, rather than right and wrong. In Pokemon Team Magma Edition, you can work your way up through the ranks of Team Magma, using whatever means necessary (cheating, stealing, etc.) to realise Maxie’s vision of a perfect world for humans. Investigate Hoenn’s three-way conflict and the consequences for the populace. Discover the truth about Team Aqua and Team Magma, as well as the mysterious team before their time, as well as the truth about the Devon Corp and Hoenn’s government.


  • A stealing system that allows you to take pokemon from trainers you defeat (In Team Magma Edition stealing will be limited based on which side the area supports. An example is that due to Fallarbor supporting Team Magma you will be unable to steal from trainers in Fallarbor.)
  • Will be in Beta 1
  • Custom Soundtrack
  • Many features from Dizzyegg’s Battle Engine
  • Numerous quality of life improvements
  • Many side quests
  • Every bookcase is readable (find funny stories or read about the lore)
  • Some hidden features that you will need to play to find!


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Team Magma Edition GBA Rom: