Pokemon Verde Musgo

Pokemon Verde Musgo

Pokemon Verde Musgo: Have you ever imagined traveling on two continents and their provinces? Go by rocket to Mars? How about getting to know the city of PRYPIAT and the famous CHERNOBYL plant? Fight crime and the terrible LIGHTINGS? Walk through a continent completely dominated by a criminal organization? Meet eccentric personalities such as: CAP. BIRTH, ELTON JOHN, HARRY POTER, HERCULES, MESTE YODA, AL CAPONNE, the living dead in PET CEMETERY, etc.?

Yes, now you can! GREEN MUSGO, a fantastic hack, with everyone, I said ALL available POKEMONs, 135 new scams, where the player assumes the role of a police officer disguised as a coach and goes on to investigate criminal organizations across the continents of RURORO and URARA.A long game, with a high degree of difficulty, with several post-game, extras, missions, events of the creators (in the style of Nintendo events), completely new and other events based on movies, special battle towers, with prizes, and two world tournaments (we dispense with sly players).


  • New story
  • New Graphics
  • New Regions
  • All Pokémon Available
  • New villains
  • Updated Scams
  • Physical and Special Scams Division
  • Ev’ updated
  • 135 new scams
  • 2 continents
  • 2 Provinces
  • Possibility to become Champion
  • 2 World Tournaments (Light Platinum Style)
  • Emerald Style Battle Towers
  • Events Pokémon Shiny
  • Battle with famous personalities
  • Pokémon EX
  • Random initial Pokémon
  • 2 difficulty levels, easy and difficult
  • Chance of increased shiny
  • Humor-oriented story, with jokes and references (can be offensive to more sensitive people who don’t like this type of humor)


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Verde Musgo GBA Rom