Pokemon AlteRed

Pokemon AlteRed
  • Author: kingfin128
  • Released: 2020
  • Hack of: Firered
  • Version: v1.9.2 (Completed)

Pokemon AlteRed has the Same story as Fire Red, but Pokémon have been replaced by alternative forms. It is Completed and made by kingfin128.


  • There are 411 all-original Alter Form Pokemon in this hack; do you dare to catch them all? Click here to see the full list.
  • The level curve and difficulty has been adjusted to be both more forgiving to the player, but also provide harder fights.
  • The physical/special split has been implemented! Moves do not display whether they are Physical or Special in their description as of now, but they generally conform to the normal games.
  • There is a move deleter, move reminder, and name rater on the second floor of every Pokemon Center! The reminder takes Mushrooms as payment… which can be gotten from the Pokemon in the Mushroom Bog, a newly added location.
  • Indulge in moves from all eight generations, plus even some brand-new moves sprinkled in! Every move in the game can be found in List of Moves.


  • Mewzero will not obey commands due to a quirk in the game’s programming.
  • The Town Map has not been properly updated to include the new areas; Flying from those locations is not advised.
  • The moves Ice Fang and Ice Shard are able to be used in the field unintentionally.
  • The graphics on the pause menu are slightly garbled, but the text can still be read. Marked as low priority.
  • Similarly, the Pokedex can be very finicky; it is advised to save before perusing it.
  • The NPC Cue Ball Paxton will crash the game if battled; his fight has been removed, but be aware of any fuckery upon arriving at Three Island.


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon AlteRed GBA Rom