Pokemon Ash Hoenn

Pokemon Ash Hoenn gba
  • Author: Ankit Kumar
  • Released: June, 2021
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Version: Completed

Pokemon Ash Hoenn GBA is actually completed in English. You play as Ash Ketchum, the story is Hoenn, no need HMs to playing the game, new sprites. That’s it.


🔸 Play as Ash Katchum, in Hoenn(season 6, 7 & 8).
🔸 Get Hoenn GYM Badges.
🔸No need of HMs.
🔸You can give nickname to any of your Poke’mon, using the machine which is in the Pokémon Center.
🔸Hoenn Map.
🔸 Almost Similar as Hoenn.
🔸Have the opportunity to catch all the Poke`mon Which Ash Catches.
🔸Follows the same event as in the Anime Series(Most of the part in not missing)
🔸Male and Female Character both are available(For Male Ash) (For Female Julet)
🔸Grovyle won’t Evolve into Septile.
🔸You will get Bulbasaur of level 25(in Mauville City Pokémon Center) After earning your 5th GYM Badge.


🔸 Some story line get repeat again and again.
🔸 In some places your Gym badges will be missing, but don’t worry you will get them back later on.
​🔸And finally in some of the place Spelling word missing & Grammar mistake are there.


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Ash Hoenn GBA Rom


Ankit Kumar