Pokemon Blue Stars 2 Ultimate

Pokemon Blue Stars 2 Ultimate
  • Author: Jean
  • Updated: 8 June, 2021
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Version: Complete

Pokemon Blue Stars 2 Ultimate: 35 years after Pokémon blue stars 1, Red’s Son turns 10 and finally becomes a Pokémon trainer.


  • Pokémon between gen 1° to 7°
  • Own story
  • New gyms
  • Fairy type
  • Division of special,physical and status
  • Mega evolution During battle (Mega learn blows, but n learn tms/hms)
  • Some fakemons(I know not everyone likes it but some are cool new ways. Note: There are only 3 Fakemons.)
  • 3 rivals(So 1 can have 3 :3)
  • Exp of xy(exp all and exp when catching a Pokémon)
  • Wild encounters in certain places(be careful not to get scared kkkk)
  • Pokémons visible on routes like Pokémon Let’s Go(yes, there are these but not all are captureable)
  • Special challenges (you’ll see)
  • Pokemon League equal to anime(yes, that’s right, it’s the same style as anime)


  • All Pokémon that evolve by exchange evolve by lv
  • There are only 3 ways of evolution in the hack: level, happiness and stone
  • Mega evolution: Buy A Mega Stone and Mega Y in Good Wind (3rd Gyn); both stones can mega evolve (or not) Poké, so try both. Equip the Mega Stone in the Pokémon, before choosing the blow, press start, and choose the blow. Remember that megas do not learn tm and hms after evolving!

New Update

  • Dynamic level
  • New graphics
  • New events
  • Bug review
  • Special Pokémon caught at the beginning of the game
  • Wonder trade


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Blue Stars 2 Ultimate GBA Rom