Pokemon Double X

Pokemon Double X
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In Pokemon Double X, All battles in XY, converted to double battles, with a steeper, challenging level curve. From the maker of Pokémon Emerald: Double Edition

IMPORTANT: As SOON as you get Pokéballs, catch at least one Pokémon. The game will crash immediately if you enter a trainer battle with only one Pokémon present.

Current features

– Doubled up all the way to Coumarine City and Ramos, (provisionally) complete!
– Over 50 of the ~150 originally unencounterable Pokémon Pokémon added into the encounter tables. Never more than 8 per zone, and primarily replacing Pokémon that have already been seen in another area.

Changes from Alpha 1

– Made Burmy trainer on Route 3 not spam protect
– Complete rebalance of previous trainers, specifically:
– First gym and fights up to it made easier
– Tierno first fight made a little easier
– Second gym made easier overall (no longer serves the “Final Boss of Alpha” purpose)
– Viola’s Shuckle and Grant’s Probopass made more annoying
– …causing the EXP curve to be only (hopefully) 10 levels higher than vanilla instead of nearly 20 by Grant.
– Wild Pokemon have much higher levels, only a handful below trainers in the area, for easier grinding and easier team-switching

Upcoming features

– The rest of the trainers in the game, doubled up.
– Encounter every single Pokémon eventually, in one place or another.
– Pokémarts stock more useful, doubles-centric items.

Known bugs

– Sky battles freeze the game if turned into doubles. Sky battles are NOT safe. Don’t do it!
– Talking to a trainer instead of letting them approach you causes a temporary freeze followed by the text box being empty, but the battle continues as normal.
– Game crashes if you enter a trainer battle with only one Pokémon. Get a second one ASAP.
– If you only have one Pokémon that isn’t knocked out, you enter the battle fine, and send out the corpse(?) of one of the KO’d ones. It can’t do anything and isn’t targetted, and from a small bit of testing it seems aesthetic only, didn’t cause any crashes or softlocks.


Pokemon Double X

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