Pokemon Emerald Enhanced

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Gba
  • Author: Ryuhouji
  • Updated: June 19, 2021
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Version: v7.701

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Gba is an Enhanced Type Rom Hack of Pokemon Emerald.

Note: This hack is updated very frequently so the links present below are probably outdated. You are encouraged to get the hack directly from official sources such as the Discord or the Pokecommunity thread.

This hack plays optimally on real hardware, mGBA and My Boy! (Android).


  • A total of 684 pokemon in the game
  • 7 starters options
  • All frontier pokemon movesets have been updated to competitive standards
  • 6 modes of play: Hard, Normal, Easy, Nuzlocke, Hardcore, Frontier
  • Follower system
  • Autoscaling trainers & wild encounters
  • 1 in 256 chance to encounter a boss wild Pokemon
  • Perform HM functions without any badges or items
  • Completely custom jukebox
  • Elite 4 rematch parties
  • New Game +
  • Forecaster item allows you to set any weather you want
  • Physical/Special split
  • Decapitalization
  • Random battle generator


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Gba Rom