Pokemon Enigma

Pokemon Enigma
  • Author: MewTheMega
  • Released: 2020
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Chapter One

Pokemon Enigma is an RPG XP Game, set to be released through various chapters of the game.
The game will take you through the tropical island group of Serbor, and will introduce new aspects
to gameplay, the battle system, and more. Pokémon Enigma is, and always will be a free fan game.
The game will be available primarily for Windows, but a Mac Version will be worked on additionally.


You have a new and exciting opportunity to work as an assistant to Professor Willow several months after moving to the tropical island chain of Serbor. Go on quests and jobs for him!
Learn the dark history and secrets of Serbor, battle villains attempting to upset the balance, figure out who you are as a player, and team up with your friends!
Can you take it?

Your journey will take you across the islands, where you will face off against two different groups, each with their own set of goals and methods for achieving them. The following are the organisations:

The Primal Order

After the death of their leader six years ago, their once-mighty force has shrunk in size. The remaining grunts have been pushed into hiding, biding their time, desperately attempting to resurrect their ruler and resurrect their once-mighty army, resuming their course in history. Resurrecting their leader is only a minor setback for this committed group, as they have their sights set on a much larger prize.

The Black Hand

A strange group of strangers wearing cloaks. They appear to have a mindless, vacuous vibe to them.
Hiding in the shadows, they act silently, bending the playing field to their advantage. Morgana, the leader, who was shunned by society for acting on self-discovered ideals, now gathers followers by any means necessary, determined to exact her vengeance on society, plunging it into permanent chaos.

These two aren’t the only bad guys you’ll have to deal with, but they’re the most important.


Pokemon Enigma has many unique features included within the game. You can read about them here.

  • A unique, branching story: 
    Make difficult choices as the player, which result in varied endings! Your choices will determine how well characters like you, open up hidden paths and change the story.
  • Character Customization: 
    Change your hat, hair, eye color, shirt, shorts to whatever you’d like! Make your character you… or don’t!
  • Over 90 Custom Moves:
    New moves have been added, giving new strategies and ways to battle!
  • New Mega Evolutions and Alternate Forms:
    New Pokemon can unlock their hidden potential, or even have new typings in Serbor! Can you find them all!
  • Large Areas To Explore:
    Explore largescale routes and towns, where exploration is largely encouraged!


Pokemon Enigma

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