Pokemon FireRed ReImagined

Pokemon FireRed ReImagined
  • Author: Misledangel
  • Released: 2019
  • Hack of: Fire red
  • version: Completed

Pokemon Firered ReImagined GBA, abbreviated as PFRI, is a hack of “Pokemon Firered V.1.0.”
The hack follows the same storey as the original Pokemon Firered, though the Sevii Islands portions of the game have been removed, so the hack only goes up to the Pokemon League, so I’ve set the maximum level cap to 60 to keep things balanced.

The hack, in simple terms, features a Regional Pokedex of 151 Pokemon from various generations, and Yes! they are all obtainable. However, the game does feature one Fakemon, which, while obtainable, is not registered in the Pokedex and is quite hidden; it’s there simply as a tribute to another of my favourite games. The hack is also slightly more difficult than the base game and expects players to properly Ev train their Pokemon. For those wondering, no, I haven’t messed with the base Ev yields and they should match the “base games.”

The hack also includes a slew of new features and changes to the quality of life, which you can read about further down.


  • Physical/Special Split
  • New moves and abilities.
  • Removed Badge boosts.
  • All Pokemons Obtainable before the Elite Four.
  • Battle Mode is set only.
  • Disabled Item usage during battles.
  • Gym Leaders and Pokemon League use Pokemon with proper Evs Distribution. (hence they are much more challanging now, yet fair)
  • No refrences of Pokemon not in the game. ( This includes even graphical things such as slot machines or diploma)
  • Properly Decapped the whole hack including menus and things missed in MrDs Rombase.
  • Fixed most bugs with MrDs Rombase regarding moves, included in the hack. ( Thanks to Leon’s Rombase )
  • Running shoes from the start, along with indoor running.
  • Black / White Repel system.
  • Improved Graphics.
  • Offical battles (Gym Leader / Elite 4) have a Mugshot Intro.
  • 8-Bit Music.
  • High quality Pokemon cries
  • Updated Trainer Sprites.
  • Ev Cap per stat is now correctly at 252, max obtainable Evs are still capped at 510.
  • Trainers have fairly accurate overwolds.
  • Some Pokemons have recieved custom sprites, recolours, redesigns.
  • Nature coloured stats on summary screen.
  • Stats grading on summary screen.
  • Removed the unnecessary tutorials.
  • Updated “every” section of the Pokedex for the new Pokemon.
  • Ev/Iv Display. (See Spoiler for location)


  • The hack should be fairly bug-free if not completely, Please report back in this thread if you happen to find
    an oddity or a bug.


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon FireRed ReImagined GBA Rom


MrDollsteak – MrDS Rombase , Sprites Resource.
Doesntknowhowtoplay – Physical/Special Split , Set mode only , Trainers with Evs , General Help , Inspiration (YAFRH) , IV Grading.
ChaosRush – Sprites Resource, Offset for changing Ghost Marowak’s level .
Jambo51 – Pre- Battle Mugshot Trainers.
RichterSnipes – Music
JPAN – Save block Hack , his Knowledge.
Delta231 – Some OW Sprites
Navenatox – Dynamic Overworld Palettes
Zeturic – Unhidden Power
Prof. Leon Dias – For fixes to MrDs Rombase.
esipode – Level Cap
SP458 – Stats Boost Disable.
HackMew – For his posted information and tools.
Spherical Ice – Nature Colored Stats.
jiangzhengwenjz – Ev/Iv display.
Kimonas – OverWorldManager
Kurapika – G3T
Gamer 2020 – PGE
WIcchu – Advaced Series
HopelessFrench – Pokemon Text Editor 
esperance – Hopeless Trainer Editor
kyledove – Tileset
SevenChurches – Bug Reports