Pokemon Plastic Pyrite

Pokemon Plastic Pyrite
  • Author: NuclearOmega
  • Released: 2017
  • Made on: RPG Maker XP
  • Version: Demo 0.7

Welcome to the Captoad region in Pokemon Plastic Pyrite, home to new Pokémon never-seen before! Made on RPG Maker XP, Released in 2017.


Cleveland, your grandfather, spent his entire life as a renowned Pokégeologist, searching the Captoad region for the six Captoad artefacts. These priceless treasures, said to have mystical abilities, were created thousands of years ago by people and Pokémon working together…

Cleveland was able to unearth two of these artefacts, but one day, some hooligans ransacked his house and stole these enigmatic items. Only one thing is known about these nefarious characters…

Cleveland has been living a relaxed, debt-ridden life for years since that terrible day. Your parents are no longer alive, so you’re stuck with Gramps.’ Ol Cleveland, on the other hand, has been thinking and devises a plan to reclaim what was once his, as well as the discovery of the remaining artefacts.

That’s where you come into play.


  • Pokémon Plastic Pyrite is filled with all new Pokémon (around 50 at the moment), unique type/stat combinations, and even moves!
  • All original cries!
  • A cool story!
  • Wacky characters!
  • Lots, and lots of music & sound effects.
  • Picking a certain starter creates certain events to happen…


Download Pokemon Plastic Pyrite RPGXP Fangame