Pokemon Platinum Pro

  • Author: cloudforgiven
  • Released: 2019
  • Hack of: Platinum
  • Version: Completed

Pokemon Platinum Pro is a NDS Rom Hack based on Pokemon Platinum which focuses on increasing the difficulty of the game and improving the gameplay.


  • Each trainer has AT LEAST 2 Pokémon (some may have 1, but are rare, like 0.1%).
  • Each coach has AT LEAST 1 full restore.
  • Each coach has its A.I. value equivalent to an E4.
  • Each Trainer Pokémon has reached the EV limit.
  • GYM leaders have 6 Pokémon (follows a level curve), 4 Full Restores and their Pokémon have items.
  • The Galactic Team bosses and soldiers have more room for Pokémon.
  • Elite 4 and Champion have Pokémon with competitive movesets.
  • All 493 pokes can be caught.
  • Easy to come shiny (1/257)


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Platinum Pro NDS Rom