Pokemon Shining Victory Halloween

Pokemon Shining Victory Halloween
  • Author: VictiniD & Percy
  • Released: 2020
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Version: Beta 2

Pokemon Shining Victory Halloween: In a parallel universe, during the epic battle of Kalos and Team Flare, the battle of Zygarde’s forms managed to cause such a strong explosion that everything in the area exploded. Ash along with his Pokémon was surprised in the process.

He was found lying near a river by a family and was attended. After staying there for 3 months and completely losing memory of his previous events, Ash remains half awake in the vast Heron region. He befriended the boy and began to call the woman “mother” and the man “father”. Even a glimpse of the past gives him serious headaches, so how can Ash regain his memory, while the Heron region is invaded by some punks and behind them lies…


  • Play like Ash
  • Mega Evolution
  • Z Movements
  • All Pokémon from generations 1 to 7
  • Alolan Forms
  • Galarian Forms
  • Heron Forms
  • Thonsu Forms
  • Pikachu Forms
  • Halloween Shapes
  • Gen 8 Pokemon
  • Fy type
  • Physical / special division
  • Bw repel system
  • Bw Egg Hatch System
  • New region
  • New story
  • Greatest bright chances
  • New events#New parts sets
  • New graphics#EV / IV Viewer
  • Move from generation 4-7
  • System day and night
  • New items
  • New stones and systems of evolution
  • Exchange Pokemon evolve with different methods
  • Experience in catching Pokemon
  • Poisonous survival
  • Infinite use of TM
  • New TMs
  • Running shoes from the beginning
  • Professor Kukui
  • New Rivals


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Shining Victory Halloween GBA Rom


VictiniD & Percy