Pokemon Life

Pokemon Life GBA
  • Author: Dionen, Tcoppy, Danny0317
  • Updated: August 2 2016
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Version: Alpha 1.9

Pokemon Life GBA: Yours is not an average, simple story; yours is a story spanning many dimensions of reality, exploring the very idea of life itself.
Generally, you consider your concepts of reality to be accurate…
They’re not. Reality is unstable.

All you really know is that time is running and the Earth is spinning.
You are one in seven billion like you, but you are still different.
On your island, Nendios, you dream the same dream that all young trainers like yourself do — to triumph over the Elite Four, conquering independence…
But there’s more to the journey ahead than you could ever know.
Again, there are seven billion like you — unfortunately, however, only a handful are as pure.
Many will try to manipulate you and anyone similarly pure; to use you to their own ends or even to simply impede your progress out of envy.
You must take heed of this. Life, the world, and the people within — they are all unpredictable, despite what some may think.
Certainly, stride forth — just be cautious.


  • A whole new region: including Nendios, your homeland. Born and raised at O’Hana Farm, you are now ready to explore all the world by yourself.
  • Upgraded graphics, new environments: You are not in Kanto anymore.
  • No more PC spawn: Once you faint, you end.
  • New Pokédex: A selection of 250 handpicked pokémon from all generations for you to catch during your journey.
  • Time based events: A budew in the morning, a gastly at night. “Who’ that guy? He wasn’t there yesterday.”
  • New side-quests: Designed to increment your gaming experience.
  • Updated moves/abilities/P&S Split: New generation moves and abilities to improve your battle experience.
  • Black&White Music and Visual: Generation V to your delight.
  • Clarity enhancements: IVs on status screen, trainers facing you, etc.
  • Shiny rate increased: Still rare, but not impossible. This is for the unlucky, just like me.


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