Pokemon Light Platinum Plus

Pokemon Light Platinum Plus
  • Author: WesleyFG
  • Modded by: LCCoolJ95
  • Hack of: Ruby
  • Version: Completed

It is the same as Pokemon Light Platinum, but it has a new pokedex, more new formes, more pokemon cries, new moves, a move tutor, and other improvements.

Features (New)

  • Physical/Special split?????
  • New Pokédex
  • Cries added/New Formes
  • New moves added
  • Ditto added because Kyurem replaced him
  • Added in a move tutor
  • To note, Pokémon from Treecko to Reshiram all have appropriate cries. Also, there’s a problem with the World Championships. They don’t work. But everything else works.

Features (Old)

  • Two New Regions, Zhery and Lauren
  • Two New League for each Region
  • Pokémon from IV and V Gen
  • New Sprite for all Pokémon
  • New Sprite for all Trainer
  • New Maps
  • New Tilesets for all Maps
  • Headbut Tree
  • Honey Tree
  • Safari Zone (Field, Swamp, Snow, Desert)
  • World Championship


Pokemon Light Platinum Plus

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Light Platinum Plus GBA Rom