Pokemon Pulsar Phase 2

Pokemon Pulsar GBA
  • Author: JASHIN
  • Released: 2019
  • Hack of: Fire Red
  • Version: Phase 2

Pokemon Pulsar GBA: Over the passed few years, crime has been steadily rising in the Durhanmo Region. As of such, a mysterious figure known as “Jashin” has been made into a deity by many of the residents of this region. Shrouded in perplexity, Jashin has apparently promised to rid the world of those who commit crime and leech off of the various governmental systems. “Jashin’s will is absolute.” “Jashin is God and God is Jashin.” “Jashin will purge the world.” “Defy Jashin and Perish”

…Do you have what it takes to stand in Jashin’s way?


  • Expanded Pokedex (Currently Featuring: 84 Pokemon from gens 4-7)
  • Expanded AttackDex (69 attacks from gens 4-7)
  • Pick Pocketing System
  • Physical + Special Split
  • Custom Attack Animations (Some, I’ve made myself, others from resource thread)
  • Custom Levelup Movesets for ALL Pokemon
  • Custom World Map
  • Custom Region: DURHANMO
  • 21 Starter options (starters from gens 1-7)
  • Infinite use TMs and deletable HMs
  • “Evil Team”: Jashinists
  • Class Based Trainer Music (currently for Jashin disciples and Jashinist Admin)
  • Certain Pokemon have been retyped (Yanma= Bug Dragon) Movesets reflect this
  • Custom Badge Sprites
  • Custom Battle hud, text boxes and “help” menu pallets
  • No Toxic Damage in overworld
  • HMs do not require badges
  • Dusk stone, Dawn stone, Shiny stone added
  • Trade Pokemon can be evolved with Link Stone
  • Expanded Pallets + Overworld Sprites
  • ..And much more!


Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Pulsar GBA Rom